Friday, October 9, 2009

Long time No post.

Well guys I've been kinda busy. Remember that list of projects I said I would have done by now well I've got most of them done plus some extra items. I'll be posting pictures in my gallery. As for places to play in Newfoundland I've played down to Sword & Steel's a few times now and I think I like it. It happens on Tuesday nights and it is pay to play kinda. Here is how it works: It starts at 6 and entry is $10. You pick someone to play in any points size you like, if you win you get $12 in store credit or if you lose you get $8. I should also note that you get a white dwarf for playing. Now about the set up of tables. There are many little 2x2 tables that you can fit together to form almost any size table you want, plus chairs. The mood of the place is very very laid back and Peter (owner) just sits back and surfs the web on his laptop. A good point is Peter very open to ordering stuff for players and you don't get any crap from him. Down sides of playing here is there is no terrain. Players bring in terrain with them.

All in all I like this place, it has good potential. Peter says that when the new location opens up he'll get some terrain and have show armies out so people can see what the game looks like. See ya next time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gaming in Newfoundland

Well lets start with where to play in Newfoundland.

The biggest gaming group that I know of is the Dragons Den NL which are mostly 40kers. They play at Time Masters(33 Kenmount Road, St. John's) Sundays and Wednesday nights. The Terrain at Time Masters is very old but the guys are pretty cool and very open and welcoming. You don't need to pay or have a fully painted army.There's usually around 4-6 plays there most gaming nights. If you want to know whats on the go tho (if anyone is going that night, etc) you have to get on the mailing list for the yahoo group ( Getting on the group is easy show up one night and ask to be added.

The other shop in town is Sword and Steel I've never gone to a gaming night there I hoping to get someone who has to do a mini review of what's going on there in the future.

The Geek days the boys and I put off once a month, which is usually a different game each time we play see Geektactica or the John Street gamers Blogs for more info.

The last place is the MUN Tabletop Games Club which has a face book group. This group I'll be going to this Wednesday to check out whats on the go. So nest Friday I'll have more for you.

Till next time this was gaming in Newfound

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Opening up the Floor

I've been thinking a lot about making a kinda news paper for gaming on the Island. I'm going to start posting every Friday. I hoping to get some people to write articles for my blog, so if you have anything please send it into me ( This Friday I'll be doing a bit on bfg. I'm thinking of putting together a ordnance table for what happens to it as it meets different things. Kinda a cheat sheet. Also I'm going to be putting up a list of places that you can play table top games at for people with a view for the new person in town, like MUN students.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rant kinda?...

I'm going to put in place a new rule for myself. I will save $20 in a bank account for each month until i get all my stuff painted. Yes I mean all my stuff. I think it should take about 5 months give or take. This is the list of stuff I got:

Long Term:
3 Russ tanks to be repainted.
5 Tau capital ships.(BFG)
Murader jack.
Karchev (I 'm going to call him Chevy it's the name of the tuck that's going to hit the boys)
Lizard men army to repair/repaint (thinking dip project)
Table to think up and build cause I got stuff(foam)to work with.

Lets not forget stuff I have to get done for the 20th's BFG day.
Tiger sharks

Things to do after that are to be done right after the BFG stuff:
6mm light horse.

All in all really not that much when I think about it. I could do this in like month if I work hard.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Step 2 for 6mm

Ok the next step is to prime black just like everything else you paint. Then you dry brush the main part of the human body steel colour. This is for the armour unless you would like to spend forever on each guy. Then you will put on the actual colours but here is the difference: the colour you want to see you will pick a colour at least one shade higher and only paint big stuff (shield, weapons, face and anything else that size). the reason you use bright colours is cause the contrast between the dark places and the bright colours will make them look "right".

Friday, May 8, 2009

Impetus. A new world for me.

I've always liked history, so much so that I joined the S.C.A and was the president of MUNSCA for a year. In a effort to open my mind I thought I would give a new game a try: basic Impetus. Impetus was a game that 2 of the guys in my regular Saturday night gaming group played (Stu and Jet, Jet being the one from Geektactica). I was expecting this to be hard to get into but thanks to them it's been easier then going down a slip n' slid on a hill. The guys have set me up with the rules, models and painting advice. I got to say it combined to give me that new game rush, where I've yet to play the game but I'm painting up a storm and looking stuff up on Google. I'll be playing Palmyra a city state which was under Roman rule but not totally romanized. This give me access to the roman troops and other stuff as well.

A note about costs, 500 pts of Impetus costs about 50 dollars and this is the size game it seems to be geared for and what my friends play. I'm so happy about this it can be put into words. All my other games cost that much for just one unit, so I might end up buying more 6mmm armies.

Over the next little while I'll be putting up pictures almost step by step of how I built my army.

first I'll show you 3 units I've got done totally. (see above image)

Then I'll show you how to prep them for base coat and painting. You glue them on to a stick which is not to wide so that you can reach all the angles you might need with white glue, which is easy to break off. Then base coat with flat black primer for metal you can use spray or brush, just like the bigger stuff for other games.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

40k flow chart failed.

Yupe as it turns out I have to reread and rethink the rules for 40k. Is it just me or do you find them "soft"? Also I find the new rule book written in a way that they just is very not clear as if I missing body language or something.


Monday, April 27, 2009

40k Clean Up

I'm going to work on some printable flow charts for the rules for 40k.

see ya soon.

Update: Working on getting a good paint like program. Thinking of getting Photo shop.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mk 2 Things to remember.

Things I looked up after the action today (see Geektactica). Plus some more interesting rules.

Models which cannot make a normal ranged attack on a target cannot add to the unit's combined ranged attack. Pg. 32 Combined Ranged Attacks P3

Friendly models knocked down by a player on his turn cannot stand up that turn even if they have not activated this turn. Pg. 33 Knockdown P2

No matter what if a model cannot draw Los to a model it cannot hit it with a spray.
Pg. 30 Spray attacks P5

If a Warjack has a special attack which uses a Arm or weapon system and that arm gets crippled you cannot use that special attack. Pg. 35 Crippling Systems P5

You get free strikes if your target(s) leave your melee threat range or los, so no moving around to the back to engage other stuff without free strikes. P21 Free strikes

Melee attacks need range and los. Los could be line from base to base (old way) or line to cylinder from cylinder but if there is a cylinder of the same height(targets height) within 1" of your target (screening) and between you and your target you cannot attack it. P2b Line of Sight. (April 10th)

Well that's all for now If I find anything more on the forums I'll update this as I go but only if I can find the rules myself in the PDF.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warmachine MKII

Welcome back sorry for the lack of...anything. I was playing MK II which caused to go through Geek Metathesiophobia. Yeah I'll wait for you to Google it.... just chiding you it's fear of change. Now Geek Metaphobia for short (well short ER) is the steps geeks go though to deal with change. First there's hope that they will get cooler stuff then everyone else for there class, race or etc this is leading up to the change. Next comes the Fear that they will get "the Nerf"(right before the change).Realization is next this can go two ways when the change happens down or up. Down causes the Geek to Doom spiral. This step can be interesting to watch from the outside cause it's funny if it's not you. DS Geek will recover IF he does not go on a forum with other DS Geeks then they turn in to one of those giant African bird swarms you see on TV where you can't tell who is the leader and nether can they but they fallow anyway. The leader of the swarm is usually the last guy to post the worst thing on the forum about the change, this brings the swarm down lower and lower to the ground. Lucky most times the swarm brakes up before they hit rock bottom but instead of thousands of pounds of birds pelting the Savannah you get very good ebay deals as the geeks leave the game. The other way it can go is "The Cheese rides high" this is where our geek is validated in his hopes and dreams till something robs him of it or other changes happen.

Guys why do we do this?

More to come later.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Got this from a friend of mine how works in a non-GW store

Hi Gents;

I was talking to our rep yesterday, they are letting him go.

Anyway Mr. X was a good guy who actually played the game, he confirmed some IG rumors for me, as he plays Guard himself and was putting together some of the models before he left. Corey, you better be sitting down:

Leman Russ Executioner's turret plasma cannon:
Range: 36" Str:7 AP:2 Heavy 3, Blast - in other words to borrow Corey's phrase "Terminator begone"!

Leman Russ Punisher's gatling punisher: Range: 24" Str:5 AP:- Heavy 20
Thats right folks, Heavy 20 is in the game!

All Leman Russ variants have AV:13 side armor.

Valkyrie is: AV 12/12/10

The "Armoured Sentinel" variant is: AV 12/10/10

The Deathstrike exists; and drops a 1d3+3"sized template upon its target once per game.

Manticore exists and each of its 4 missiles drop 1d3 templates upon its target.

Named characters in the Codex:
-Artillery Sergeant Harker
-Lukas Bastonne

Monday, March 23, 2009

Warmachine Duel Report

Cygnar Set up.

Warmachine Duel Report

This Duel Report was between Geektactica Writer (Cygnar) and The General Store's writer(Cryx). I'll be editing this as time goes on cause it's 750 pts and alot went on.

So Cryx set up.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More warmachine and scale

I've put a lone one armed ork in here for scale.

WArmachine pictures

Well guys I thought I would put up my army pictures for Khador. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Head hunting

Ok so no pictures cause I forgot to take the camera. But I have a new win to add....Jet fell to my Khador the other night which pleased me greatly as with each win I get bolder and less defensive. So Only KB stands to fall of my inductors to Warmachine.


P.S. I won 1 of 3 games but my ego appeased by the one win:P

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well I'm off to play

Tonight is my weekly geekly gaming night. BE back tomorrow with pictures and a gaming report. Also I was sick last week sorry about the no up date.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fish Tank War

It's go time you single cell brown plant jerks. I have decided to make war on the algae in my fish tank.

Is it a bad thing that the only enemy I have is algae in my fish tank?

On an other note I've been painting orks. Pictures to fallow later.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I played a lot of Warmachine (khador starter box) last night and I think I'm starting to get it. I was trying to play the smart game try to maximize my casters kill power with her taking as little damage as possible. I found my jacks where just not fast enough to do the job, I kept losing cause of it. Then I decided to just forget about them and have fun being crazy aggressive with my caster. IT WORKED I won against Chris. who in the group plays the most conservatively in my opinion (there for like my old way). Then I played Ken and I almost had him 3 more points of damage work have had him (oh well) but this was the best I've done against him. Then Jet played me and nailed me to the barn door in like 2 rounds cause he could knock me down and negate Sorscha's def which is 20 on the wind rush. Which is fine but like a good evil super villain I'll be back with a new plan for him (*cue mad evil laughter and lighting if it's in the budget).


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rant off topic

Ya know people always complain about fishermen killing seals but I I don't see them complaining about Farmers killing gophers. We only kill on a individual bases where as farmers kill like dozens at a time with TNT. You don't see green price out on the great plains next to a smoking crater and gopher bits around. Then there's the other ways they kill them, filling the holes with gasoline and lighting them, poison gas or poison bait. Maybe it's cause the gofers eat the lively hood of the farmers cause it's not like fishermen and seal share fish or anything. Could it be we ware them? wait gopher hats. Seems the only difference is we eat seals and well they can't lie and say the farmer goes after the young gofer pups.


Thursday, February 5, 2009


If Tau gun drones are equipped with pulse carbines, do they have
the under slung grenade launcher as well?

No they don't have under slung launchers. It says in the carbine text that it has a chance to take under slung grenade launchers. Then if you look in the text for pathfinders it says they may take them for 1 pt each But the gun drone has no listing for the grenades, also as a side note the carbines in the pictures are a little different where the grenade launcher would be.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ok so I did some work on my guard yesterday.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oops almost forgot did these as well.

This is the new space port I've build for my Tau fleet. It's not much but it will work I hope with time I could build on to it adding maybe a ship being built with steel work around it.

P.S I have to find out how to post a album on here. Something easy and not to complex.

Shot of BFG Shipyard

Monday, January 12, 2009

BFG ordnance.

If a ship uses reload ordnance does it reload all ordnance or just one type of ordnance?

Well I'll start looking this up and in a day or so I should have a answer.

Yes it actually reloads all ordnance.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I can design my own mech from the chasis up?

A friend of mine just asked this question on a local group and I thought I could field it.

It's from Classic Battle Tech.

Yes you can build your own Mech but it's kinda hard to do with pen and paper. You could save hours of your life and just buy a program called "heavy metal pro". In fact if you are going to play CBT it's almost must have. It lets you do up custom mech sheets for all of your mechs and in minutes.

One other very nice activities you can do with it is share files on weapons, mechs and etc. between you and your friends.


Here goes!

Ever wondered about a rule in a game? Ever wanted to get it cleared up? Well here I am to help you out. My name is Chris Hurley and I play a few different games. If I was to name a few of them they would be 40k, BFG, and D&D. The one thing I enjoy the most about games are the rules, learning them, useing them and making new ones. I hope in the near future to post Rules clarifications and new rules sets for different games. If you have a question about a rule post it here or send me an e-mail.

In time we will find different ways to explain the rule, cause different peoples minds work in different ways.


P.S. This is my first Blog, so bear with me on the lay out for a while.