Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blitzkrieg Commander

I thought I would put up some pictures of the Blitzkrieg Commander German North Africa army (June 41).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Worst Customer Experience of my Life.

Today I went into Time masters to fix a problem I had with a miniature (battletech Goliath mech). I went in to see Bob sitting behind the counter so I addressed him. “Bob I was in last night and picked up a miniature and it was missing some parts, mind if I go over and gab the other one off the rack to show you the missing part?” I said as I pasted the counter. Bob didn’t really respond much cause there’s not much to say till I talk to him some more. I bought the mini over to the counter and looked inside and saw that there were only 2 missile pods just like the one I have at home. I point this out to Bob and said “Well on the web site it shows the mech with 6 of those.” To which Bob responded in a “talking to a ten year old voice “Well there’s is one of three things wrong here A The package is wrong, B the web site is wrong or C both are wrong, what do you want ME to do?   “Well could you call the vendor or something?” I said thinking of what I would do for a member at my place of work Costco. “What do you think I can just call a vender about any of the thousands of items I carry here?” Bob says as his voice gets louder “I don’t even know what you’re talking about, so I can’t fix your problem! Why don’t you email the makers of this and ask them yourself!”  At this point in time I’m pissed cause I don’t like the fact that his voice loud and condescending and I’m trying to stay calm and keep my voice even and low. Then I say, “Ok, so look you want me to contact the vender and ask about this cause I don’t know how you usually hand this.” trying to clam him down and clarify but he interrupts me after I say the word contact and says “I would give you the parts if *finger stabbing the package* they where in there but ether A the package is wrong, B the web site is wrong or C both are wrong, what do you want ME to do make them for you right now?” This is the point I have decided that I’m done talking about the stupid $10 mini and want to deal with the fact that I don’t like his tone. I’m about to tell Bob “I’m having a bad customer experience right now cause your not listing to me and I don’t like your tone man, so I’m going to go away and forget I talked to you at all today and take your advice and call the company myself.”  I got as far “now” before he repeats his last statement louder and slower like I’m a special needs kid. Then I just say “OK Fine Bob see ya” as I turn my back he starts into the same line again. I was walking down the stairs and heard the poor kid working with Bob say “He was just trying….”Bob cuts him off with “What do you want me to do make one for him?”  

No Bob I don’t want you to ever do anything for me again.

Chris Hurley 

P.S Just to make this 100% clear I will never return to that shop.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I've painted in the last week.

Well I've been kinda busy over the last week. I thought I would share with you folks what I've been up too.

My Zerker or Draco stand-in :) 

My manhunter and great bears. Sorry about not getting the last guy in this pic my battery was low.

The other guys in the great-bears. 

My tigers for Flames of war in 10mm.

 My panzer 3's.

Group Pic of my snipers for my Guard army for 40k. These guys have only 1 gw bit and that's a lasgun. Yupe I'm cheap:)

Some close up's. 
Well see you next week.