Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ok so I did some work on my guard yesterday.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oops almost forgot did these as well.

This is the new space port I've build for my Tau fleet. It's not much but it will work I hope with time I could build on to it adding maybe a ship being built with steel work around it.

P.S I have to find out how to post a album on here. Something easy and not to complex.

Shot of BFG Shipyard

Monday, January 12, 2009

BFG ordnance.

If a ship uses reload ordnance does it reload all ordnance or just one type of ordnance?

Well I'll start looking this up and in a day or so I should have a answer.

Yes it actually reloads all ordnance.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I can design my own mech from the chasis up?

A friend of mine just asked this question on a local group and I thought I could field it.

It's from Classic Battle Tech.

Yes you can build your own Mech but it's kinda hard to do with pen and paper. You could save hours of your life and just buy a program called "heavy metal pro". In fact if you are going to play CBT it's almost must have. It lets you do up custom mech sheets for all of your mechs and in minutes.

One other very nice activities you can do with it is share files on weapons, mechs and etc. between you and your friends.


Here goes!

Ever wondered about a rule in a game? Ever wanted to get it cleared up? Well here I am to help you out. My name is Chris Hurley and I play a few different games. If I was to name a few of them they would be 40k, BFG, and D&D. The one thing I enjoy the most about games are the rules, learning them, useing them and making new ones. I hope in the near future to post Rules clarifications and new rules sets for different games. If you have a question about a rule post it here or send me an e-mail.

In time we will find different ways to explain the rule, cause different peoples minds work in different ways.


P.S. This is my first Blog, so bear with me on the lay out for a while.