Friday, June 12, 2009

Gaming in Newfoundland

Well lets start with where to play in Newfoundland.

The biggest gaming group that I know of is the Dragons Den NL which are mostly 40kers. They play at Time Masters(33 Kenmount Road, St. John's) Sundays and Wednesday nights. The Terrain at Time Masters is very old but the guys are pretty cool and very open and welcoming. You don't need to pay or have a fully painted army.There's usually around 4-6 plays there most gaming nights. If you want to know whats on the go tho (if anyone is going that night, etc) you have to get on the mailing list for the yahoo group ( Getting on the group is easy show up one night and ask to be added.

The other shop in town is Sword and Steel I've never gone to a gaming night there I hoping to get someone who has to do a mini review of what's going on there in the future.

The Geek days the boys and I put off once a month, which is usually a different game each time we play see Geektactica or the John Street gamers Blogs for more info.

The last place is the MUN Tabletop Games Club which has a face book group. This group I'll be going to this Wednesday to check out whats on the go. So nest Friday I'll have more for you.

Till next time this was gaming in Newfound

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