Friday, October 9, 2009

Long time No post.

Well guys I've been kinda busy. Remember that list of projects I said I would have done by now well I've got most of them done plus some extra items. I'll be posting pictures in my gallery. As for places to play in Newfoundland I've played down to Sword & Steel's a few times now and I think I like it. It happens on Tuesday nights and it is pay to play kinda. Here is how it works: It starts at 6 and entry is $10. You pick someone to play in any points size you like, if you win you get $12 in store credit or if you lose you get $8. I should also note that you get a white dwarf for playing. Now about the set up of tables. There are many little 2x2 tables that you can fit together to form almost any size table you want, plus chairs. The mood of the place is very very laid back and Peter (owner) just sits back and surfs the web on his laptop. A good point is Peter very open to ordering stuff for players and you don't get any crap from him. Down sides of playing here is there is no terrain. Players bring in terrain with them.

All in all I like this place, it has good potential. Peter says that when the new location opens up he'll get some terrain and have show armies out so people can see what the game looks like. See ya next time.