Friday, June 5, 2009

Rant kinda?...

I'm going to put in place a new rule for myself. I will save $20 in a bank account for each month until i get all my stuff painted. Yes I mean all my stuff. I think it should take about 5 months give or take. This is the list of stuff I got:

Long Term:
3 Russ tanks to be repainted.
5 Tau capital ships.(BFG)
Murader jack.
Karchev (I 'm going to call him Chevy it's the name of the tuck that's going to hit the boys)
Lizard men army to repair/repaint (thinking dip project)
Table to think up and build cause I got stuff(foam)to work with.

Lets not forget stuff I have to get done for the 20th's BFG day.
Tiger sharks

Things to do after that are to be done right after the BFG stuff:
6mm light horse.

All in all really not that much when I think about it. I could do this in like month if I work hard.

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