Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I played a lot of Warmachine (khador starter box) last night and I think I'm starting to get it. I was trying to play the smart game try to maximize my casters kill power with her taking as little damage as possible. I found my jacks where just not fast enough to do the job, I kept losing cause of it. Then I decided to just forget about them and have fun being crazy aggressive with my caster. IT WORKED I won against Chris. who in the group plays the most conservatively in my opinion (there for like my old way). Then I played Ken and I almost had him 3 more points of damage work have had him (oh well) but this was the best I've done against him. Then Jet played me and nailed me to the barn door in like 2 rounds cause he could knock me down and negate Sorscha's def which is 20 on the wind rush. Which is fine but like a good evil super villain I'll be back with a new plan for him (*cue mad evil laughter and lighting if it's in the budget).


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rant off topic

Ya know people always complain about fishermen killing seals but I I don't see them complaining about Farmers killing gophers. We only kill on a individual bases where as farmers kill like dozens at a time with TNT. You don't see green price out on the great plains next to a smoking crater and gopher bits around. Then there's the other ways they kill them, filling the holes with gasoline and lighting them, poison gas or poison bait. Maybe it's cause the gofers eat the lively hood of the farmers cause it's not like fishermen and seal share fish or anything. Could it be we ware them? wait gopher hats. Seems the only difference is we eat seals and well they can't lie and say the farmer goes after the young gofer pups.


Thursday, February 5, 2009


If Tau gun drones are equipped with pulse carbines, do they have
the under slung grenade launcher as well?

No they don't have under slung launchers. It says in the carbine text that it has a chance to take under slung grenade launchers. Then if you look in the text for pathfinders it says they may take them for 1 pt each But the gun drone has no listing for the grenades, also as a side note the carbines in the pictures are a little different where the grenade launcher would be.