Thursday, May 21, 2009

Step 2 for 6mm

Ok the next step is to prime black just like everything else you paint. Then you dry brush the main part of the human body steel colour. This is for the armour unless you would like to spend forever on each guy. Then you will put on the actual colours but here is the difference: the colour you want to see you will pick a colour at least one shade higher and only paint big stuff (shield, weapons, face and anything else that size). the reason you use bright colours is cause the contrast between the dark places and the bright colours will make them look "right".

Friday, May 8, 2009

Impetus. A new world for me.

I've always liked history, so much so that I joined the S.C.A and was the president of MUNSCA for a year. In a effort to open my mind I thought I would give a new game a try: basic Impetus. Impetus was a game that 2 of the guys in my regular Saturday night gaming group played (Stu and Jet, Jet being the one from Geektactica). I was expecting this to be hard to get into but thanks to them it's been easier then going down a slip n' slid on a hill. The guys have set me up with the rules, models and painting advice. I got to say it combined to give me that new game rush, where I've yet to play the game but I'm painting up a storm and looking stuff up on Google. I'll be playing Palmyra a city state which was under Roman rule but not totally romanized. This give me access to the roman troops and other stuff as well.

A note about costs, 500 pts of Impetus costs about 50 dollars and this is the size game it seems to be geared for and what my friends play. I'm so happy about this it can be put into words. All my other games cost that much for just one unit, so I might end up buying more 6mmm armies.

Over the next little while I'll be putting up pictures almost step by step of how I built my army.

first I'll show you 3 units I've got done totally. (see above image)

Then I'll show you how to prep them for base coat and painting. You glue them on to a stick which is not to wide so that you can reach all the angles you might need with white glue, which is easy to break off. Then base coat with flat black primer for metal you can use spray or brush, just like the bigger stuff for other games.