Thursday, April 30, 2009

40k flow chart failed.

Yupe as it turns out I have to reread and rethink the rules for 40k. Is it just me or do you find them "soft"? Also I find the new rule book written in a way that they just is very not clear as if I missing body language or something.


Monday, April 27, 2009

40k Clean Up

I'm going to work on some printable flow charts for the rules for 40k.

see ya soon.

Update: Working on getting a good paint like program. Thinking of getting Photo shop.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mk 2 Things to remember.

Things I looked up after the action today (see Geektactica). Plus some more interesting rules.

Models which cannot make a normal ranged attack on a target cannot add to the unit's combined ranged attack. Pg. 32 Combined Ranged Attacks P3

Friendly models knocked down by a player on his turn cannot stand up that turn even if they have not activated this turn. Pg. 33 Knockdown P2

No matter what if a model cannot draw Los to a model it cannot hit it with a spray.
Pg. 30 Spray attacks P5

If a Warjack has a special attack which uses a Arm or weapon system and that arm gets crippled you cannot use that special attack. Pg. 35 Crippling Systems P5

You get free strikes if your target(s) leave your melee threat range or los, so no moving around to the back to engage other stuff without free strikes. P21 Free strikes

Melee attacks need range and los. Los could be line from base to base (old way) or line to cylinder from cylinder but if there is a cylinder of the same height(targets height) within 1" of your target (screening) and between you and your target you cannot attack it. P2b Line of Sight. (April 10th)

Well that's all for now If I find anything more on the forums I'll update this as I go but only if I can find the rules myself in the PDF.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warmachine MKII

Welcome back sorry for the lack of...anything. I was playing MK II which caused to go through Geek Metathesiophobia. Yeah I'll wait for you to Google it.... just chiding you it's fear of change. Now Geek Metaphobia for short (well short ER) is the steps geeks go though to deal with change. First there's hope that they will get cooler stuff then everyone else for there class, race or etc this is leading up to the change. Next comes the Fear that they will get "the Nerf"(right before the change).Realization is next this can go two ways when the change happens down or up. Down causes the Geek to Doom spiral. This step can be interesting to watch from the outside cause it's funny if it's not you. DS Geek will recover IF he does not go on a forum with other DS Geeks then they turn in to one of those giant African bird swarms you see on TV where you can't tell who is the leader and nether can they but they fallow anyway. The leader of the swarm is usually the last guy to post the worst thing on the forum about the change, this brings the swarm down lower and lower to the ground. Lucky most times the swarm brakes up before they hit rock bottom but instead of thousands of pounds of birds pelting the Savannah you get very good ebay deals as the geeks leave the game. The other way it can go is "The Cheese rides high" this is where our geek is validated in his hopes and dreams till something robs him of it or other changes happen.

Guys why do we do this?

More to come later.